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So Hohenheim may not have lived to see his grandbabies, but do you know who did? Izumi and Shig. I bet they stop over all the time to see their adorable little grandbabies. I bet Winry even teases Ed about the two of them being home more often than he is. And Izumi teases Ed about being able to see the little ones walk before him because he still travels (which Winry is totally fine with, because he completely spoils the children every time he gets home and his trips become more and more sporadic as they get older and he calls home every day he's gone and she's seen the huge packet of pictures he keeps in his wallet of the four of them). And they invite Gracia and Elysia out to the country for vacation every once in a while and Elysia-chan is an awesome babysitter when she gets to be older and still thinks that Winry is the awesomest person ever (after her daddy). And Hawkeye totally pretends not to notice that Mustang started crying when he heard that Ed named his son "Maes". It was raining inside, damnit!

Did Yoki and Donkey Kong and Lion King join the circus?

SO! SO! I reread the last few chapters, and when Al is facing Truth for the last time and saying "Ed will totally come get me, just wait and see" and Truth is like "Yes, but what will he have to sacrifice?" there's this totally ominous foreshadowing low angle shot of Truth in front of the gate. FORESHADOWING.

One day I will have to make a list of my favorite FMA characters, but right now Olivia Armstrong and Scar are topping that list so hard. I think I need time to pass for objectivity and stuff to occur.
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