Feb. 10th, 2010

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Upon [livejournal.com profile] copperbadge's recommendation, I've watched the first three episodes of White Collar. It's fun! The characters are nice, I like the mysteries, I'm enjoying each episode. Sometimes I giggle. I know that this show is getting a lot of fandom love right now. I'm not quite getting the obsessive love yet, but I'm quite fond of it already. I'll definitely be trying to catch up to the current episodes.

But LEVERAGE. OMG. I've only watched the first episode. I'm already in love. I watched it because of Gina Bellman (and that was the right decision because she's delicious in this). I had to look up Christian Kane because I did not recognize MotherFucking Lindsey from Angel. And I'm sure I've seen Timothy Hutton in something before. I adore this show. It's already snappy and clever and all of the characters are just tons of fun. It's so stylish (the skyshots as they separate) and although I could kinda guess the ending, I didn't guess all of it and it was so much better than I thought it was going to be.

I'm starting to realize that I really really love ensemble shows more than shows which are about 1-3 people or nominally an ensemble show but really about 1-3 people. This. Is definitely ensemble. Even though Nathan is definitely the lead (gets all the ideas and is the leader), each character has a chance to shine and even to show him up. I'm looking forward to watching the rest of it. Squee!


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