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2010-09-02 11:01 pm

(no subject)

I hate it - hate it - when I'm reading in a bookstore. And some guy keeps talking to me, asking me about what I'm reading, asking me if I like Twilight and what does misogyny mean and all this ignorant crap that I don't want to deal with and I didn't invite except that I was polite and talked back to him.

And I hate it even more when I realize after I've walked off in annoyance that what I should have done is asked him to leave me alone. I especially hate that someone else had to remind me that I can do that.
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2010-09-01 03:33 pm

(no subject)

1) I don't post here often enough to have anything to worry about.
2) You are all fantastic enough not to do it.
3) Don't retweet/repost (especially to FB) anything on my LJ.
4) Of course I'll extend the same courtesy to you!
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2010-08-30 04:58 pm

Mad Men

Not only was this my favorite episode of the season thus far (Peggy! And Joan!) but Jonathan joined the cast! I have no idea if he'll be in more episodes, but he's surely got to pop up again sometime?
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2010-08-28 04:35 pm


I am so glad that I am moving out of this tiny town in the middle of nowhere Michigan. They aren't showing Scott Pilgrim. It's been out for two weeks, and they don't have it at my theater. I'm going to have to drive 27 miles in order to see this film. But I will see it.
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2010-08-14 09:35 pm

(no subject)

I am currently playing with my LJ layout, trying to find something new and clean (but not boring) to do with it. There will be much much more playing with it as I currently hate the colors etc.

Also my mother is here for a visit. Coordinating between her, my husband, my brother, and my brother's girlfriend is special. Also this visit is slightly higher in family drama than normal visits, and I do not anticipate the amount of drama to decrease throughout the holiday season (etc). At least Mom likes my brother's girlfriend whom she met for the first time yesterday (and was introduced to family drama some five minutes later).

I need a drink. And an evening alone.
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2010-08-11 08:44 am

(no subject)

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2010-08-02 01:19 am

Mad Men

Finally watching Mad Men. Have lots of thoughts about proscriptive versus descriptive sexism (and such). I'm watching several episodes a week because I love it just that much. I keep a running commentary during each episode: who will win the creeper of the week award! Previous winners have been a tie between Don Draper and Betty Draper's shrink, Pete Campbell (edging out Charlie whatshisname by a hair), and currently (on the 7th episode of season 1) we've got a close race. It's anyone's game, really. Don, Pete, and Roger are all clamoring for the finish! Who will win the creeper of the week?
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2010-07-24 11:18 pm

Phoenix Wright fantasy casting

[ profile] flutingfrenzy! [ profile] flutingfrenzy!!!

Tom Felton is totally adorable when he smiles! And kinda suave!


I think we cast better than we knew! I think he's kinda perfect for Klavier now!
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2010-07-16 10:14 pm


So I saw Inception. And as most of you probably don't know, because I haven't talked about it, I was really excited for this movie. Really Excited. I've been following this thing since Chris Nolan announced a project to follow The Dark Knight. And when I found out it had Michael Caine, Cillian Murphy, Marion Cotillard, and Ken Watanabe in it (not to mention Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Ellen Page) I knew I was seeing it in the theaters. Then it turns out that it was about dreams and reality and twistiness and I stopped following it. Not because I grew unexcited, for those who know me well know that I love mind-bending stories, but because I didn't want to go into the film being spoiled for anything. Long story short, I'm so glad I did. I loved it. Absolutely loved it. I think anything else I could say would be a spoiler except that Cillian Murphy is one of my favorite actors of all time and he turns on my emotional response like no one else. And that Marion Cotillard is divine and I need to see more of her films.

Spoilers )

I thoroughly recommend this film. Don't read reviews, just go see it if you liked The Prestige or Pan's Labyrinth or other mind-bending magical realism flicks. Or if you like pretty people trying to pull off heists. Mmmmm....suits and pinstripes. There were very many attractive people (but mostly men) in this film. Cillian Murphy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in particular. If you think you might want to see it, then yes. Yes you do.
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2010-06-20 02:55 am

Should tear down Arkham Asylum

It is engraved on the wall:

Non Compos Mentis
actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea
Mors Certa, Hora Incerta
Liberate me ex Infernis
and most ominously

Homo Homini Lupus

Arkham Asylum is an awful awful place.

This message brought to you by the game: Arkham Asylum!
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2010-06-09 02:35 pm

(no subject)

1) House is clean.

2) Sunglasses Found!

3) I'm reading through the Geek Feminism wiki, and am appalled at how many tropes I fall into. I'm a bit enraged at myself that I've let myself be socialized to be such a good geek girl.

4) Hopefully leaving and going outside and getting some food will make me feel better. Sunlight and time with kitty always make me feel better. Then I need to figure out how to subvert the patriarchy some more.
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2010-06-09 12:08 pm

Mad cleaning again

Got a call at 8:45 this morning from our landlord's realtor asking if it was possible to show the house today at 3pm. She was, fortunately for her, very apologetic about the late notice and perfectly willing to take no for an answer. As the house was in pretty good shape to begin with, and I actually have time today to get it the rest of the way (the one day this week I could), I said yes.

House is currently picked up. All I need to do now is vacuum, sweep, and properly clean the kitchen.

Also I can't find my sunglasses. This is making me unhappy.
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2010-05-31 10:07 am

(no subject)

This morning I wake up to a thunderstorm. Massive beautiful directly overhead thunderstorm. For at least thirty minutes it sounded like timpanis were surrounding the house. So I get up and head downstairs to watch out of our huge picture window. And there was no cat.

She normally hangs out in Matt's office at night until I get up in the morning, at which point she says hi and demands food and attention and to get into the bedroom to cuddle with Matt. Today? Nothing. I think maybe she's scared by all the thunder. I can't remember the last time we'd had such a thunderstorm. So I search the house. Nothing. No one had been in or out of the house since I went to bed, the windows were shut, and there was no cat. Eventually I got Matt up and we searched the whole house again, this time with treats rattling. Some fifteen minutes later I'm halfway to hyperventilating, and Matt's not doing so hot himself and I hear a meow. I open the attic door and there's Belle! She meows at me again, and walks out very calmly, dust all over her fur.

The door was shut. That door is always shut. Matt said maybe the wind opened it for her but all the windows were closed. Apparently we have a magic cat. We're just glad she's back and safe and she got lots and lots of treats.
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2010-05-23 12:34 am

(no subject)

Today was my last day at Michaels! Hooray! *throws confetti*

Also, I watched two of the old Sherlock Holmes movies (Basil Rathbone) last night. Stupid Watson is annoying and stupid. Also, I was amused that in The Woman in Green, Holmes and Watson and Gregson all wore notched lapels while Professor Moriarty wore peaked.

Also, thanks to my TV tropes entry a few days ago I will never ever forget the HTML for linking to a website. Ever.
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2010-05-20 04:21 pm

Belladonna in TV Tropes

Every Saturday night I play in a Marvel RPG game run over AIM. The Judge and some of the players are friends of mine from Athens, the others are friends of the Judge. It is amazing fun, and I've been drawn more and more into the Marvel and DC canon since I restarted playing last December. Recently we started a wiki to catalogue our adventures and enemies, which lead naturally to this entry. It started as an intellectual exercise, but at this point I've put too much work into it to just private-lock it.

TV Tropes below. You've been warned. )
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2010-05-16 06:31 pm

Ponderings on cataloging****

I've finally decided to sit down and properly catalogue* my** library. My conundrum comes in how to collect and format the data. Clearly a spreadsheet is necessary. I'm currently working off of Google documents in order to have a reliable backup offsite as well as on my hard drive. My issue is that either I need to have a crazy-ass list of columns or I need to have multiple spreadsheets. I'm going for the second at present, though I might make a master list later.

After a lot of rambling and deleting I think my categories will be thus. Fiction; Non-Fiction; SF/F***; Manga; Comic Books; Gaming; Anthologies; Foreign Language; Franchise. Foreign language will have to include both translated and untranslated works. This will neatly solve problems such as where to put books like the Bible and the Qu'ran. I will have to double-check my fiction section to grab translated works like Les Miserables.

*I don't care if spellcheck prefers catalog. The word looks unfinished.

**Our, but I'm doing the work, so it's mine.

***Which also includes horror fiction, so I guess it should be Genre. But the majority of my books (period) are SFF, so it'll just have to do.

****Please see very relevant icon.
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2010-05-14 12:39 pm

Media that's making me happy lately


This is my favorite webcomic of all time and everyone should read it. Mad Science! Steampunk! Fan service for both genders!


This webcomic makes me love the Star Wars prequels. Really.

3) Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality which is now up to chapter 20, and is the most amazing HP fanfic I've ever read and I wish I could spoil you for the last chapter when we find out that //bleeeeeeeeeeeeeep//. Oh my god I was giddy.

4) Sherlock Holmes. Especially the movie. Because tonight I'm doing a teleconference movie watching night! With alcohol and snacks and webcams (only I don't have a webcam, so I guess I'm just not cool or something).

5) Marvel and DC comics. I'm really enjoying learning the canon that I've been playing in for years.
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2010-05-13 10:13 am

A quick word concerning certain reviews of Iron Man 2

Normally, I'm all about the very deeply critical sociological perspective on movies, especially male-centric popular movies. And I can certainly list a few issues with the movie that I'm not willing to go in depth over because I'd really like to still enjoy it. The Iron Man franchise is a conservative and traditional franchise. Period.

But I'd like to say one thing. I've seen some criticisms of some things that Tony did in the movie, or said in the movie. What I don't think that certain viewers realize is this: Tony is a douche. Every time he does something, it's because he's a complete jerk (except for when he's saving lives, but he's still a jerk even then). He's a completely narcissistic asshole. When I see him do something, I automatically assume that the movie is not endorsing it, nor is it a good and proper way to think. Because Tony Stark, ladies and gentlemen, is not a good person. He just happens to be a superhero.