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While going through an old purse, I found several items that I had completely forgotten existed, including a note from an ex-boyfriend. I'm not reading that one, nor posting it here. I am, however, amused by my "Things to know in Ireland (and things I've learned)". Here are the entirety of the contents.

Paperwork is annoying. Nobody likes filling out paperwork.
Alcohol and sex are bad for you. (Note: I have absolutely no idea why I wrote this. I drank while there, yes, but I definitely did not have sex with anyone.)
Twas the sancta Maria Polorsa that crashed.
"Stand clear, luggage doors operative" is only annoying when spoken my multiple voices.
No matter how hard we try, we will always arrive late to our next appointment.
No respectable hotel runs out of rashers at 7am.
If you don't like potatoes, why are you on this trip?
Soil comes in colors other than red.
You will buy more than you expected.
Always believe Michael when he says that it will be cold, but do not always when he says it is warm.
Christmas lasts forever in Ireland (and so do the sales).
Inevitably, limericks will turn out dirty.
Every single tour guide...

And it stops. I believe the last one was supposed to be something to the effect that every tour guide starts with the same phrase in Gaelic. We were all able to parrot it back at the end, but I don't remember it nor the translation. Something to the effect of "Hello and welcome. You can't understand me right now because I'm speaking in Gaelic".


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