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Normally, I'm all about the very deeply critical sociological perspective on movies, especially male-centric popular movies. And I can certainly list a few issues with the movie that I'm not willing to go in depth over because I'd really like to still enjoy it. The Iron Man franchise is a conservative and traditional franchise. Period.

But I'd like to say one thing. I've seen some criticisms of some things that Tony did in the movie, or said in the movie. What I don't think that certain viewers realize is this: Tony is a douche. Every time he does something, it's because he's a complete jerk (except for when he's saving lives, but he's still a jerk even then). He's a completely narcissistic asshole. When I see him do something, I automatically assume that the movie is not endorsing it, nor is it a good and proper way to think. Because Tony Stark, ladies and gentlemen, is not a good person. He just happens to be a superhero.

on 2010-05-13 05:59 pm (UTC)
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Haven't seen the second movie yet, but um, yeah... it's well-established that Tony Stark is not Captain America. ;)

I love him anyway though I think that has a very huge lot to do with RDJr because he's so fucking amazing every time he just takes a breath.

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Oh I love him anyway. Haven't dealt with him much in the comics yet (where he's an even bigger jackass) but he's one of those characters that's not supposed to be sympathetic all the time. Like House.

It just frustrates me when I see criticisms of the message of the movie, when the message is interpreted as "Everything Tony Stark does or says is good and right" when I interpret it as "Tony Stark is a fallible human who makes major mistakes and you should like him but not think he's ever right about almost anything". Major difference there.


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