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Every Saturday night I play in a Marvel RPG game run over AIM. The Judge and some of the players are friends of mine from Athens, the others are friends of the Judge. It is amazing fun, and I've been drawn more and more into the Marvel and DC canon since I restarted playing last December. Recently we started a wiki to catalogue our adventures and enemies, which lead naturally to this entry. It started as an intellectual exercise, but at this point I've put too much work into it to just private-lock it.

Belladonna is a superhero based in the Marvel Universe (with a side of Gotham City). Some events from the official canon have not happened in this 'verse, and there are additional characters as invented by the GM. She previously worked for SHIELD in the team Sabre Squad, and is currently affiliated with an unnamed group of superheroes.

Belladonna talks to, controls, and possesses plants. She even died and became a roaming spirit, creating simulacrums of her dead body with plants when she wanted to interact with others. While she is infuriated when plants or the ecosystem are harmed, she recognizes that some sacrifices need to be made for the greater good, and retaliation against destructive fools is a sacrifice she's just going to have to make. Contrast to her older sister, Poison Ivy.

She has two items on her equipment list: her body armor and her seed belt. In my defense, I didn't know about the pouch thing before I designed her. It makes sense for the character!

She's always been described as having brown hair, although the GM seems to think she has red. Either she's a natural brunette or she dyes her hair. Either way, contrast to her older sister. She wears it in a long, tight braid down her back. Although thus far, the only time she's let her hair down in game was when she was impersonating aforementioned older sister. She has no comment on certain physical attributes, and always dresses practically. Thus the body armor, braided hair, and boots. She does not wear a cape. Or a helmet.

She has the weapon talent: Whip, although she doesn't use it as often as she thought she would originally. To some extent to avoid the inevitable comments. She most often uses plants to entangle enemies. She also will jump into other plants in order to gain advantage on the battlefield, leaving her body unconscious and vulnerable.

Although she's one of the two females on the (eight person) team, she's not The Chick. She's too damned useful on and off the battlefield, though she does try to facilitate team communication. Fell into the Team Mom and Only Sane Man roles while on her last team (although her ex-teammate Ilyana pulls off the latter better - in fact, that is the central core of her character). It is yet to be seen where she will fall in her new group. Her preferred role is somewhere between Team Mom and The Lancer/Number Two - never The Captain.

She's a mutant. Her retirement plans are to move to Genosha and to help with agriculture in the country and wherever else she is needed.

She's Lawful Good. Largely because she doesn't want to be like her sister. Her inner mantra when getting extremely frustrated (especially with teammates) is, "I must be good. I must be good." Although she's currently being hunted by the FBI (again), she has not yet had a crisis of conscience. This is largely due to the fact that she is (mostly) innocent of the charges laid against her. Further, she is lawful in that she follows her own code of behavior, which is based in a large part on societal standards as well as the actual rule of law, but is not completely dependent on either one's approval. In short: she knows that if the public/law had all the information at their disposal that she had, that they would not be hounding her. Having SHIELD framed for an attack on the UN can do that to a person.

She has sympathy toward villains that she thinks are following a good cause such as Poison Ivy and the Brotherhood. It has not yet occurred to her that she might be just making excuses for family. She even tells herself that if Ivy got too out of hand, she'd step in herself to stop her sister. At the present time, she simply ignores whatever unpleasantness she can and hope for her redemption. She doesn't think about the time that she let her team go and fight Ivy. Nor about the time that Ivy asked her to let her out of Arkham and Belladonna refused but didn't put up a fight. Ivy escaped anyway, and Bella isn't certain who she betrayed in that circumstance. It would help if both Ivy and the Brotherhood would act properly villainous, rather than being helpful and (to some extent) polite.

She doesn't talk about her feelings for her sister or the Brotherhood. She only admits that she's related to Ivy when she deems it absolutely necessary. Belladonna prefers to work on teams (and to not be the leader) in large part as a check on her own morality. If she is ever asked why she's a superhero, she will simply say, "Someone has to be the good one."


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