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This morning I wake up to a thunderstorm. Massive beautiful directly overhead thunderstorm. For at least thirty minutes it sounded like timpanis were surrounding the house. So I get up and head downstairs to watch out of our huge picture window. And there was no cat.

She normally hangs out in Matt's office at night until I get up in the morning, at which point she says hi and demands food and attention and to get into the bedroom to cuddle with Matt. Today? Nothing. I think maybe she's scared by all the thunder. I can't remember the last time we'd had such a thunderstorm. So I search the house. Nothing. No one had been in or out of the house since I went to bed, the windows were shut, and there was no cat. Eventually I got Matt up and we searched the whole house again, this time with treats rattling. Some fifteen minutes later I'm halfway to hyperventilating, and Matt's not doing so hot himself and I hear a meow. I open the attic door and there's Belle! She meows at me again, and walks out very calmly, dust all over her fur.

The door was shut. That door is always shut. Matt said maybe the wind opened it for her but all the windows were closed. Apparently we have a magic cat. We're just glad she's back and safe and she got lots and lots of treats.


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