Jan. 17th, 2010

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One of the best parts of roleplaying is when you personally foil the GM's plans and have a major NPC live when he was supposed to die. And then get namedropped by the main villain of the storyline because of your interference. Woo!
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So I'm reading this manga called "Glass Mask". Came out in the seventies, one of the most popular shojo manga ever, about a girl trying to become an actress. It's entertaining but kinda predictable. I like Skip Beat a lot better, but it's an interesting read. I am disturbed by the pervasive message that abuse is totally cool though. Seriously.

1) Six actresses are told that only two will eat that night based on their performance.
2) Main character is slapped during one rehearsal every time she makes a mistake. She made a lot of mistakes. Sensei was trying to beat the angry into her.
3) When the main character expressed doubt about her performance, she was locked in a shed for a week. It was snowing, she had no blankets or food, and the last five days she did nothing but rehearse with her sensei.
4) When she complained, another student told her that she was lucky to be getting so much attention, as it meant that she had talent.
5) When she couldn't move correctly as a doll, she had sticks bound all over her body to make her stiff. Several broke and cut her.
6) When she spaced out in a rehearsal, one of the other actresses hit her upside the head since sensei was there.

I'm only 40 chapters in! And that's not even all of them! Theater is (allegedly) supposed to be about taking abuse, but emotional, not physical.

ETA: It's also extremely bizarre (to me) how many western plays the various theaters put on. Little Women, Prince and the Pauper, Gone with the Wind, and now The Miracle Worker. The first was odd because Beth lived, the last because I grew up within ten miles of where Helen Keller was born and that play is produced once a year. So weird when the actresses are researching information on Keller's background and home and lifestyle.

Also, I don't think it's a good idea to let a fifteen year old girl go off to some random villa that an anonymous fan owns and offered for her use through a letter. What the hell are these characters thinking?


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