Jan. 25th, 2010

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Things I'm proud of from the last few weeks:

1) I've moved from Hard to Expert in RB2 for Bass. Except for metal songs which I cannot play for the life of me. Too fast!

2) I've been working out for several weeks straight now. I'm keeping myself motivated by limiting myself to 30 minutes a day and only watching Princess Tutu when I'm working out. I'm already seeing some improvement. After a workout and stretching a couple of days ago I was able to touch my toes!

This is far more exciting than it should be for most people. I'm extremely not flexible. Have been all my life. The only other time I've been able to touch my toes was when I took Tae Kwan Do for a month. I think I started crying when I figured out that I could actually reach them. This is one of my major goals in my workout program - to be able to touch my toes anytime I want. I'm already a step closer!

3) I was asked to do the lights for another children's show this summer! It's one based on Alice in Wonderland, so it ought to be very fun and whimsical.

4) I've also been keeping my bedroom neater than I have in years. The floor is clear, the bed is made every day. I've never in my life made my bed every day. It's making me happy.


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